In the Foundation Stage the children have free access to provision areas to enable them to develop skills such as mark making, reading,number recognition, physical development, speaking and listening. We encourage children to be independent, they are encouraged to be able to gather the resources they need and to put them away when they have finished with them. We encourage children to play with friends and to share and take turns.

We take the lead from the children and use their interests to help us plan our environment and activities so that the Foundation Stage Unit is a really exciting place to be. We have exciting areas in the classroom to explore both indoors and outdoors and adapt these regularly to meet the needs and interests of the children.

Please remember that you are welcome to come to look at your child’s learning journey at any time. I love to hear what the children do outside of school and really value any contributions to their learning journey.  If your child does something that really impresses you such as building  an impressive model, counting to 20 or even getting dressed by themselves remember that you can write it on a ‘WOW’ star and it can be added to their learning journey. If you run out of ‘WOW’ stars we have plenty more in class we will happily give you more.

In Literacy we are learning:

  • To listen carefully.
  • To speak clearly.
  • To  read and write our first name and surname.
  • To listen to and enjoy stories.
  • To form letters correctly.
  • To use our knowledge of phonics to write CVC words such as hat, cat, cup e.t.c
  • To read and write high frequency words.
  • To write labels, lists and captions.
  • To begin to write simple sentences.

In Numeracy we are learning:

  • To count to 20 and beyond.
  • To recognise numbers to 20 and beyond.
  • To add and take away using objects as support.
  • To identify 2D and 3D shapes.
  • To order numbers to 20

Any specific learning:

Our topic for the Spring 2 term is:

Julia Donaldson stories

 In the Foundation Stage Unit (FSU) we like to follow and stimulate the children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination.

We will continue our interest in stories and hopefully use puppets and props to retell them and make up our own.’ . We will be planting and growing lots of different types of plants. We will talk about how to care for plants to help them grow.  We will also be looking at animals as they grow and will hopefully visit a working farm. Spring is a very exciting time and there are many things to explore and celebrate.

These ideas will change to follow the children.  Possible lines of inquiry maybe: the changes that occur in nature, the weather, habitats.

Our Literacy stories will be focusing on a range of books by the author Julia Donaldson, starting with ‘Superworm’.


Please feel free to bring any work or pictures your child completes at home or even photographs from any weekend outings in to share with the class. We are always happy to look at these and discuss them with your child and if they are confident enough they may want to show the whole class.

Ways you can help your child:

  • Reading regularly at home. Reading books are changed once a week, and sent home in book bags each night. Listening to an adult or older sibling read a variety of different books will really help the children learn important reading skills.
  • Practising letter sounds and key words. Letter sounds can be found in the front of the yellow reading record book.
  • Using any opportunity to count, order numbers and simple adding & taking away questions.
  • Encourage your child to write, draw and colour at home, this helps develop pencil control.
  • Practise writing first name and surname.
  • Practise letter formation.
  • Use the homework packs sent home in October to practise writing, reading, counting and ordering numbers.
  • help your child learn the words on their word wall, these are updated regularly in School and a copy sent home.

Things we need:

Empty ketchup/sauce squeezy bottles.

All clothing, shoes and lunch boxes to be clearly named to avoid them being mixed up.

Any old pots and pans for our outdoor mud kitchen.


Upcoming events:

Share and celebrate- look out for the letter with more information.

We are hoping to visit Thornton Hall Farm, more information will be sent home soon.

Trips we have been on:


Any other useful information/notes to parents:

Please remember that you are welcome to come and look at your child’s learning journey with them at any time. Remember to bring WOW stars in to add to their learning journey.