This weeks stars are:

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Our Topic for Summer 1 is ‘Wriggle and Crawl.’

In Literacy we are:

During this half term, we will be using the texts ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson . The children will be using these stories as a stimulus to write diary entries, write character and setting descriptions and write their own stories, as well as looking at rhyming and exploring poetry.. We will then go on to look at different stories by Julia Donaldson and compare and contrast various stories by the same author, and looking at features of her writing and how we can incorporate these features into our own writing to make it more interesting..


In Numeracy this half term we will be focusing on numbers to 100, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and extending this to counting in 3s.  We will secure our understanding of odd and even numbers, recognising multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and we will continue to partition numbers in to tens and units.  We will be solving number problems, solving addition and subtraction number sentences and learning how to do simple multiplication and division, using solid and written representations to help us. We will be revising our knowledge of 2D shapes, and extending this to 3D shapes. We will be continuing to learn how to tell the time, order months of the year, and days of the week.

Any specific learning:

During Topic lessons, we will be looking at different mini beasts and learning about how they live and their different habitats. We will look at the life cycle of butterflies and will use ICT, books and videos to conduct our own research into mini beasts. We will have a visit from the RSPB to learn about the wildlife in our school outdoor environment and will be going on bug hunts around the playgrounds to help us learn about mini beasts. In science, we will also start to learn about plants and will plan our own investigations into how plants are looked after and grow our own in our classroom courtyard.

Ways you can help your child:

  • Read to them or listen to them read everyday and talk about the books you have read. (See link to Oxford Owl website below, this has free online books which can be read in addition to books sent home from school.)
  • Practise reading and spelling high frequency words.
  • Practise letter formation. In Year Two we are working really hard to begin to join our letters once they are formed correctly.
  • Practise counting, and work on number recognition and formation.
  • Practise the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.
  • Visit your local library to explore non-fiction texts about mini beasts and the seaside.

Things we need:

  • Can you please make sure all of the school uniform is named. This will help to ensure that your child doesn’t lose any items of clothing, especially jumpers.
  • Book bags brought to school every day.

Upcoming events:


We will be doing SATS tests at the end of this half term and this will comprise of two maths papers, a spelling and grammar paper, and two reading papers.

We are doing lots of practice papers from previous years during all lessons leading up until when we sit them.

To help your child further, please try to make the extra effort to listen to them read every day, work with your child to go through their spellings, and encourage your child to complete their homework—it is all given in order to help them!

If you have any questions or worries or feel you would like extra support in helping your child prepare for their SATS, please feel free to ask me at any time and I will do anything I can to help!

Useful websites:

Maths Sample Paper 1 – https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/439520/Sample_ks1_mathematics_paper1_arithmetic.pdf

Maths Sample Paper 2 – https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/439522/Sample_ks1_mathematics_paper2_reasoning.pdf

Reading Sample Paper 1 – https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/439482/Sample_ks1_Englishreading_paper1_promptanswerbooket.pdf

Reading Sample Paper 2 – https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/439489/Sample_ks1_Englishreading_paper2_readingbooklet.pdf

High Frequency Words spellings – http://www.highfrequencywords.org/hfw100fp.pdf

Oxford owl reading  – online books available to read and reading tips.

http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/online/moonmaths.swf – Great for practicing times tables.

http://www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/games/Mathmagician/cathymath.html – Fun and good for practicing simple addition and subtraction.

http://www.kwarp.com/portfolio/grammarninja.html – Fun game useful for practicing and recognising different parts of sentences.

Any other useful information:

Click on the link below for all the information from the SATS meeting:

Year 2 SATS Meeting

Please remember children need a PE kit and pumps or trainers in school. This half term our PE days are  Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.


Read a book from your local library.

Write about your weekend and draw a picture to go with it.

Write a sentence for each word from high frequency word list.

Draw your favourite character from a book, film or TV show and describe them.

Practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

Doubles and halves of numbers to 100 and beyond.

Go on a shape hunt. Look for different 2D and 3D shapes around your house or outside.

Research our topic and record what you have found out.

Retell a story.

Practise counting. Numbers to 100 and beyond.

Partition two digit numbers into hundreds, tens and units.

Practise adding and taking away.

Practise telling the time.


Help an adult with the shopping. Write a shopping list and add up how much some of the items will cost.


Count the money in your money box.


More information about our Curriculum can be found in the Documents tab of our website.