Student Council

Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 elects two class representatives to voice the views and interests of their class.  School Council meetings are held every Tuesday at 10.15 in the intervention room.  Representatives and Miss Card discuss their classes views, interests and any projects that might improve the school, from this actions plans are put into place.

The next meeting will be:


Toby is our Chair person he assists Miss Card to run the meetings and lead discussions.  Helps set the agenda, talks to teachers and governors about what the school council thinks and its ideas.  Finally they make sure all members are involved.

Ash is our Vice Chair keeps in touch with all class representatives.  They make sure that everyone who agrees to do something does it and leads the meetings if the chair person is away.

Our school council Secretary records the minutes of the meetings and distributes them to Class representatives.  Our secretary is Enyaw from Year 5, she will record the minutes for the meetings and pass them to Miss Card to upload onto the internet and distribute them to each class.

Isabelle is our Communication Officer.  Her role is to keep parents, governors and the wider community up to date with what the school council are doing.  We are hoping to have our own notice board so their job will involve updating this.

Each class will also have a file where everyone can access the minutes from our meetings and a book for School council members can record comments and ideas from their class.

For 2017/18 the following Councillors were chosen:

Year One Representatives

M. Zarrar Hamzah

Ellie Buttrick

Year Two Representatives

Gracie Kendalll

Rhys Root

Year Three Representatives

Demi-Louise Walton

Malachi Byrne

Year Four Representatives

Isabelle Whitaker

Freddie Lymak

Year Five Representatives

Ash Corcoran

Enyaw McComb

Year Six Representatives

Toby Spencer

Lily Spink

So far in Autumn 1 we have:

  • Introduced ourselves to the rest of the School Council.
  • Looked at the possibility of having a computer room and who we would need to contact to help us achieve this.

In Autumn 2

  • We discussed if there are any problems around the school that the adults might not be aware of
  • What could we do to help?


In Spring 1


  • We are considering changing the school dinner menu. We are completing some surveys around school and hope to liaise with Mrs Moyles with our findings.

In Spring 2

  • KS2 would like to have the Tuck shop again – look possibilities and staff willing to supervise.