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This is Year 2 during their interactive session all about Florence Nightingale. The workshop included object handling, role-play and timelines. This popular workshop provides an insight into history and our Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Year -Flaurence


What a fantastic joint PE lesson for Year 2 and Year 6, using all of our gymnastics equipment. Year 2 loved working with the older ones and Year 6 really stepped up, helping the younger children out and making them feel confident enough to try new things!

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Summer Widdop is one of our Year 3 pupils. This is her homework. The care, time and effort she has taken is clear for all to see. #Welldone #VeryProud #HighExpectatioSummer widdop Year 3 homework2Summer Wiidop_year 3 homework

Here are some of the children at lunchtime. We play lots of different interactive games. We also have had lots of donations of toys from families in school for the children to enjoy at lunch.  #FunTime #Play #Friends #OneTeam

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