Our School

At Worth Valley Primary children learn and thrive through an enjoyable and exciting curriculum. At the heart of our school are 5 school values that underpin all that we do.

Our school motto is:

‘Achieve Believe Create Dreams’


We achieve this through following our 5 school values:


  1. One team– We listen to each other and values each other’s opinions and we do as we are asked first time.
  2. Respect– We care for each other and look after property.
  3. Trust– We always tell the truth.
  4. Community– We treat others as we would wish them to treat us.
  5. High expectations– We do our best and keep ourselves safe.


We pride ourselves on promoting a family feel approach in everything we do.  Our curriculum is creative and exciting and caters for all needs.  Our aim is to provide unforgettable experiences for children as their learning journey is so precious.  Above all we want our children to have lesson that sparkle.

If you would like your child to be part of the Worth Valley family, please contact Bradford Councils admission team on 01274 439200 or follow this link:- https://www.bradford.gov.uk/education-and-skills/school-admissions/apply-for-a-place-at-one-of-bradford-districts-schools/