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Home learning- Please check individual class pages and the learning links tab for useful links to websites and activities to support home learning.
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Reception (Hedgehogs) Remote Learning

Week commencing 18th January 2021

Hello Reception!

Check out the activities below. You can do these anytime just as you would in the classroom.

do a jigsaw                      play a game              talk, remember to listen too!

use playdough               have a tea party        thread things onto string        play I-spy           count everything                   read a book                  sing a song            make a list               bake or cook      make your bed

look for numbers around your house           help wash up         write your name          make a magic potion

watch alphablocks          make a sock puppet          cut long pieces of paper         pair socks

tell a story using your favourite toys        play snap                 keep a weather diary            read another book

paint numbers             fold paper and cut a snowflake      paint shapes        dance        try a new food

freeze some ice and watch it melt               read another book       play with your favourite toys

exercise with Joe Wicks      go for a walk     paint  tricky words          count the cars on your street              have fun!

Whatever you choose to do, remember to tidy up once you’ve finished, just like you would at school.


Here’s my email address so you can get in touch with me anytime-   c.oram@worthvalleyprimary.co.uk

And the phonicsplay.co.uk login details –  username: jan21  password:home

I can let you know which sounds your child needs to practise if you email me.

There are some new activites on Purple Mash too. If you haven’t got a login, please email me.

I’ve put the songs and rhymes that we enjoy at school down at the bottom of the page.

Have a lovely week, don’t forget to send me an email or photo of something you are proud of or have enjoyed doing.

Another point to note, having spoken to lots of parents last week, the activities I suggest should take no more than 20 minutes.

Have a lovely week and I hope to see you soon.

Love from Mrs Oram


Phonics –  Practise saying the sounds we have learnt so far, watch the tricky word song below and play some of the phase 2 and 3 games on:


Then watch the  alphablocks episode Little Red N   https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01n8jk3/alphablocks-series-3-5-little-red-n

Write a list of all the animals you saw.



Last week you wrote a list of things you could see in a tree. Today I would l like you to write a sentence and we’re going to learn two new words that we can use.

Read the words

      I     he      she

Look outside. What can you see? I would like you to write –  I can see a  and then finish your sentence with something you can see in outside and a full stop at the end. Maybe you can see your bin, or a hill or some grass or a path

Then ask someone else in your house to look outside what can they see?

Write it down but this time I’d like you to use he or ‘she’ instead of I.

Can you write 3 sentence?  One using each word- I, he, she

When you’ve finished, read your work back. Remember to point to each word as you read.


Maths – Let’s remind ourselves of the shapes we know.

Say the name of each shape

Can you draw them? Try making a picture using only triangles and squares. Or draw a car. What shape will you use for the wheels?

I’ve also put a shape activity on Purplemash for you to do. You’ll find it in the ‘to do’ section


Phonics –  Practise saying the sounds we have learnt so far, watch the tricky word song below and play some of the phase 2 and 3 games on:


You might also like to watch the jolly phonics videos-  phase 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74kIrFdOaPw

phase 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixndECFUbIo

Ask your grown up to say a sound and see if you can write it down.

You can try this with tricky words too, Ask your grown up to say a word and see if you can write it down without looking!


Just like we did last week, we are going to make our own sentences from the words you wrote yesterday.  Ask a grown up to write a sentence with each word on a separate piece of paper. Then mix them up. Does your sentence make sense? Move a word in your sentence. Read it again. Does it make sense now? Keep moving the words and re-reading your sentence until it makes sense.

e.g. he can see the bin, she can see the hill, I can see the path

Maths Let’s have a shape of the day! Parents please check which shapes that your child knows. Choose one that they are unsure of and this can be your shape of the Day! Practise drawing it, look for that shape around the house- in books, on shoes, on food packets etc, make biscuits in that shape or use playdough to make that shape etc

Here’s a Numbertime Shape programme for you to enjoy




Phonics –  Practise saying the sounds we have learnt so far, here’s a quick reminder of all the Phase 2 sounds we have looked at in class:

Choose one sound that your child is unsure of and practise that sound. You could play a game on phonicsplay like |Buried Treasure and pick just that sound to practise.

Play give me 5 – get your child to tell you 5 things that begin with the chosen sound. If you fancy a challenge try thinking of words that begin with a phase 3 sound!

Write them down ( a grown up can do this) and say each word, they all begin with the same sound!


Choose a book that you like to read at home and read it with a grown up. Or watch a story on cbeebies


Then I’d like you draw your favourite part of the story. Add lots of detail, draw the different characters and other things you notice in the story. Finally, tell your grown up about your picture. They can write down what you say if they want to. I’d love to see some of your pictures!



Do you some counting and watch the shape song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElQoMOCJw8w

Today we are going to sort shapes.

Get 4 pieces of paper and draw a different shape on each piece. Then see what you can find around the house, what different shapes can you see? Collect lots of different things, bring them back to your paper and sort them to match the different shapes you can see.  Some things you might choose… a book, a plate, a watch, a biscuit, lego, a card, a cereal box, a car. Talk about the shapes you have found.

Other useful links

Phonicsplay.co.uk for online phonics games

Topmarks.co.uk has loads of games search for numbers to 10 or 20, phonics, counting.

https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/ This free website has lots of early reading and phonics activities

Alphablocks,  Numbertime and Numberblocks are great for helping us with numbers, sounds and words.

You can find them on BBCiplayer and youtube.

           Numbertime - Money - £2 | Bbc schools, Early years maths, Eyfs         

For creative ideas and activities that children do independently (once they are set up) look at https://s3.amazonaws.com/kajabi-storefronts-production/sites/55992/themes/1678130/downloads/Gmtm3tvmRkem8pEKToZv_Copy_of_Hygge_5_Day_Home_Pack_6.pdf

I’d love to see some of the things you’ve all been doing at home. Email me at c.oram@worthvalleyprimary.co.uk


Songs and Rhymes







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