In FSU the children are free to access all areas of the foundation unit to develop skills such as mark making, reading, physical development, speaking and listening and maths.

We will be taking lead from the children and using their interests to help us plan our environment and activities so that FSU is a really exciting place to be. We have exciting areas in the classroom to explore both indoors and outdoors and adapt these regularly to meet the needs and interests of the children.

You have all received a ‘wow moments’ sheet for you to fill in if your child does something for the first time. Don’t forget photos can be emailed to  It can be anything from getting dressed, to visiting a family member or a place of interest.  We really enjoy  sharing  the children’s experiences from home and adding them to their learning journeys.

In Nursery we are learning:

  • To select and use activities independently
  • Demonstrate friendly behaviour.
  • To write our own name.
  • To recite number names in order to 10 and recognise numerals 1 to 10.
  • Initiate conversations and form good relationships
  • Use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences
  • Use a pencil to begin to form recognisable letters
  • To listen to and join in with stories and poems.
  • To recognise and describe special times and events.

In Nursery your child will be following the Jolly Phonics programme. Each week your child will learn a new letter sound and an action to represent these sounds. These sounds will help them when reading and writing.

This year we are also introducing the ‘Read, Write, Ink’ Letter formation rhymes to help the children with their mark making and early writing to begin the correct letter formation.  Each week we will learn the rhyme to go with the phoneme we are learning.

Here are the letter sounds we will be learning this term…       


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5  Week 6  Week 7
 Mm  Dd Gg Oo  Cc Kk CK ck  Ee  Uu
Rub tummy in circle motion

Saying mmmmmmm

M as in mum


Pretend to hold drumsticks and beat drum up and down

Saying  d d d

D as in dog



Swirl hand downwards, round and round, as if water going down the drain

Saying g g g 

G as in goat


Pretend to turn light switch on and off

Saying  o o o 

O as in octopus 


Hold up hands, open and close hands as if playing castanets

Saying c c c c  as in cat or Kite



Pretend to hold egg with both hands and then tap to crack it open

Saying e e e e

E as in egg

Pretend to open an umbrella

Saying u u u u u u

U as in up



Ways you can help your child at home:

Read stories, sing rhymes and talk about the books you read. Help them to recognise and write their names.

Talk about numbers as you are walking e.g numbers on doors, car registration plates, buses etc.

Our Topic is

Once Upon a Time

In FSU we like to follow and stimulate the children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination.   We will support the children to learn about fairy stories and traditional tales.  Building on initial starting points and observations we will take account of the children’s fascinations, interests and ideas to develop the classroom environment and activities.  Throughout their experiences the children will work as part of small and large groups, take turns and share ideas.  This will help them understand that playing together can help build good relationships and develop thinking.  The PATHS strategy will support this.

Possible lines of enquiry might be:

  • Reading alternative versions of traditional stories, hot seating Goldilocks when she comes to visit, sequencing the stories, writing invitations to the ball, making wanted posters for the Gingerbread man, writing recipes and labelling maps.  
  • Comparing and ordering objects by size.  This will include the bowls, chairs and beds from Goldilocks and the three bears and the three goats from Billy Goats Gruff.  We will also be weighing ingredients to make porridge and gingerbread men. 
  • Thinking about whether some of the characters were right to do what they did and how they made people feel.  
  • Using instruments to make music for the stories, for example, a giant’s footsteps and goat’s trip trapping over the bridge.   Our domestic role play area will enable children to act out the stories. ,
  • Use junk modelling and construction to build beanstalks, bridges and cottages and houses for the 3 pigs from different materials

Autumn 2 parents information Nursery

Ways you can help your child at home:

  • We have the Worth Valley FSU lending library outside on the wooden dinosaur.  Please take books home and when you have finished with them return them to the dinosaur and take another.  we are working on making up our own stories from pictures which is an early reading skill.
  • The children who are going into Reception class in September 18 will bring home a reading book from January. Please  read regularly at home and support your child to look at books and make up their own stories as this is an fantastic early reading skill, alongside holding the book the correct way up and turning the pages one at a time Listening to an adult or older sibling read a variety of different books will really help the children learn important reading skills.
  • Practising letter sounds see parents termly learning for the phonemes we are learning each week.
  • Using any opportunity to count, order numbers and simple adding & taking away questions.
  • Encourage your child to write, draw and colour at home, this helps develop pencil control.  please see the Read, Write Ink formation sheet sent home to encourage your child to use the correct formation when mark making.
  • Practise writing first name.
  • We will be sending home a laminated name card, alphabet, number and phonics sheet with your child you can use these as often as you like to practise and develop all the skills we are learning in nursery.  We are also sending home some bottle lids with numbers 1-5 on them to practise ordering and recognition of numbers.

Things we need:

Please remember to name all items of clothing. This will reduce the risk of things going missing.

Do you have any spare trousers and t-shirts that your child has grown out of?  If so FSU would be grateful if you could donate them to us.

Upcoming events

Nativity 13th December

Christingle at St John’s church 14th December

Break up for Christmas 15th December

Any other useful information:

Nursery Opening times are      AM 8:30-11:30           PM 12:15-3:15