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Welcome to Year 5

Summer 2

This half term, we will be learning about what life was like during World War II as part of our History topic. We will be visiting Murton Park to spend the day as an evacuee.

Summer 1


A day full of Science ! What more could we have asked for. We took part in an amazing workshop, looking at Newton’s third law. We watched some dangerous experiments, that made us jump on numerous occasions. We had a blast creating rockets by causing chemical changes to occur. We then visited the air, water, fire and earth zone to look at how each creates different forces.

Parent’s morning

What a fabulous turn out for Year 5 during our parent’s morning. As always, Mrs Boothroyd chose a near impossible activity where everyone had to get involved to create 3D models of London attractions.

Geography – The UK

Where in the UK? Our topic is the UK. We have been focusing on map skills and our ability to identify different places in the UK, including London – our capital city. We had to try to locate different places that we had been given after studying a map of the UK.

Science – Forces

How do forces work? What forces are acting upon objects?
Here are some images of us investigating how the surface area of an object impacts the amount of air resistance that acts upon it.

Investigations are the best way for us to find out more about the Science around us. We were given the option of investigation friction or water resistance. We worked in groups, creating our own investigations to test one of the forces.


English – The London Eye Mystery

This half term, we are reading ‘The London Eye Mystery’
We are intrigued as to how a boy could disappear from one of the UK’s greatest attractions.

Who is Aunt Gloria? We read what the characters thought about Aunt Gloria and her arrival, we created images of how we thought she might look and wrote character descriptions.

As soon as Salim went missing, we headed straight to the scene, where we managed to collect enough information to write a newspaper report.

Spring 2

Humpty Dumpty
Year 1 came to show off their DT creations. They had made interactive story books that we loved to listen to. We were really impressed with the high standard of Year 1’s work.


The day the chicks visited
We were lucky enough to have the chicks for the morning, we had lots of cuddles and enjoyed their visit. Some children held a chick for the very first time.


We have listened to some rap music and have discussed where it originates from. Today we tried to learn some street dance to go along side the music. 

Skellig poetry
Mrs Boothroyd and Mrs Townson are really impressed with our Art work linked to the poem ‘The Angel by William Blake’. We created our own poetry based on the story of Skellig so far.

Today in Science, we have conducted an experiment looking at chemical reactions. We observed bubbles, fizzing and carbon dioxide being created, as we mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar.

DT Week

In DT we have been adapting recipes to create a product which we could sell for £1.99. We had to think carefully about the additional ingredients so we could ensure we made a profit.


Our local history study is in relation to Saltaire; we have been for a visit and have identified the changes that Sir Titus Salt made for the factory workers.


Science Week
w/c 14/03/2022


Mars Day was fab, we learnt  a lot about life on Mars and had a brilliant question and answer session. We then spent the week focusing on Sound. We used balloons to demonstrate how vibrations were made, played instruments and even created some of our own.

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