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Year Three (Beavers) Remote Learning

Hello Year Three!

We hope you are well. We will be using this as our temporary classroom, for all of our fantastic year three activities.  We will be uploading new work each day, to be completed during the school hours (if possible). Just as you put 100% effort into your work at school we know you will do the same at home.

Some of the activities we know you will know how to use (probably better than your adults! So why not show off and show them how it’s done).

This is only temporary year 3 and we cannot wait to get things back to normal, but for now this is our how our learning must be!

Stay safe and work hard! 

Happy learning. 

Mrs Batey, Mrs Dobson, Miss Myers

Contact Mrs Batey

We’d love to see or hear what you’ve been up to. You can e-mail me at jbatey@worthvalleyprimary.co.uk with your comments or photos of your learning. If you have any issues with the remote learning then please e-mail us or telephone the school.


Work in small chunks, having plenty of breaks for exercise and water.

If you cannot access much of the work online, then please continue with your reading, times tables, counting skills and writing. Anything is better than nothing to keep your brain growing

We have realised that the L shape password for Letterjoin doesn’t work on a laptop, the password is home.

Monday 19th July – Wednesday 21st July

Hi Year 3 I hope your all ok.

This week i’d like you to do a mini topic about the Olympics.  These start in Tokyo, Japan on Friday.  For English i would like you to write me a non chronological report or fact file about either Tokyo or the Olympics.  Remember to include everything we’ve learnt about reports.

  • A topic title which covers the whole subject.  Tokyo, The Olympics, Japan,  The Tokyo Olympics
  • A brief introductory paragraph which gives a who/what/where overview.
  • Information grouped into paragraphs, which may include sub-headings.
  • Individual points supported by extra detail and examples or evidence.

Present your findings in a PowerPoint or word document.

For PowerPoint put PowerPoint online in your search bar then use the email pupillogin@worthvalleyprimary.co.uk and the password Foxden2020.

Maths:  I have put your maths tasks on PurpleMash.

You may also want to

  • design a medal for the Olympics.
  • Create a mascot or a new logo for the Olympics
  • Go outdoors and make up your own olympic event and play it.
  • Make an Olympic olive leaf crown
  • Make a list of all the Olympic events and see how many you can complete.

Don’t forget to send me your work and pictures to jbatey@worthvalleyprimary.co.uk or send them to the Facebook page friends of worth valley.


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At Worth Valley Primary School, safeguarding is of paramount importance. We are committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all our children and staff in school.

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