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Welcome to Worth Valley Primary School
We are proud to be part of Leading Learners Multi Academy Trust
“This is a warm, friendly and welcoming school. The pupils are rightly proud of it. The staff are proud to work at it. The headteacher is proud to lead it.” (Ofsted October 2019)

Local Governing Body


Welcome to the section on our website that gives you information about our Local governing body:

As a Local governing body we:

• Help the school to set high standards by planning for the school’s future and setting targets for school improvement;

• Keep the pressure up on school improvement;

• Act as a critical friend to the school, offering the school its support and advice;

• Help the school to be responsive to the needs of parents and the community and make the school accountable to the public for what it does;

• Work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review;

• Exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the Head teacher and staff;

• Do not intervene in the day-to-day management of the school, unless there are weaknesses in the school, when they then have a duty to take action.

Being a school governor

No special qualifications are needed to become a school governor. However, if you take on this role, you will need to be interested in the work of schools, their teachers and pupils. You should also have enthusiasm for education processes.
Governors can be:

• Parents – elected by parents with children on the school roll

• Members of staff – elected by staff at the school

• Appointees of an organisation or foundation

• Co-opted governors – appointed by the trustees to represent the school and wider community

The way in which governors are appointed or elected varies with each category. However, once appointed, all governors have the same rights, powers and responsibilities.

Worth Valley Primary School Local Governing Body Members

Sam Quigley (Chair)
(Areas of responsibility include: Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Child protection, Attendance,Premises, Science and Computing, SEND)

Sam has been a governor at Tyldesley Primary School for over 14 years, originally elected as a Parent Governor he was Vice Chair of governors and appointed to the original Trust in 2012. Sam became Chair of Governors to Worth Valley Primary School by trust appointment when the school joined the trust in 2016. Sam is also a Parent Governor at Fred Longworth High School where he has served for 5 years and was Chair to Wigan’s Locality 5 Children’s Centres and then Start Well Centre Advisory Board from 2012 to 2017. He is an experienced local businessman running his own company specialising in recruitment to the construction industry using his qualifications in Law and Human Resources.

Prue Towers (Vice Chair)
(Area of responsibility: English)

I retired 6 years ago after working as a teacher in Further Education (FE) and lecturing in Higher Education (HE) for 20 years in Business Studies. I was a course tutor in both FE and later in HE in one of the largest inner city colleges in the country and also led training across the college in assignment writing and assessment. I also had contracts with Edexcel (Pearsons) for Standard Moderating, selection, training and monitoring new moderators and produced a range of educational modules for the programmes in which I taught both in FE and HE. I also produced assignment and assessment guides for teachers which Edexcel used for many years. I have 3 grown up children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great grandson plus another due in April. My family have lived in the Keighley area for many years and my children and grandchildren have all successfully attended local schools either in Silsden or Kildwick C of E. My youngest grandson is currently attending Kildwick and is doing very well. My eldest grandson also attended Kildwick but because he is profoundly deaf and has cochlea implants to assist his speech and help him to hear it was soon found that mainstream schooling was not beneficial to his progress. For that reason he attends a school nearly 30 miles away where he is doing very well working towards his GCSEs. After retiring I began to feel there was something missing and school governance was something that attracted me. I applied to Worth Valley Primary School where I am now a member of the Governing Body. I started in July 2017 and undertook several hours of external training with Bradford Met Education Services to get me ‘up to speed’ in a variety of Governor duties. I volunteered to undertake the role to support and improve the English Language areas as I see this as being of vital importance to children’s success in both education and their future lives. I was also put forward to take on the role of Vice Chair which I accepted. I am enjoying the roles as a Governor for Worth Valley Primary School and am impressed by the team effort and hard work everyone is doing to move the school forward and to encourage a positive ethos throughout the school as a whole. A positive outlook and good education is so important!

Caroline Oram (Teacher governor)
(Areas of responsibility: Humanities and MFL)

I joined the governing body in 2017 as the teacher governor. I have been teaching for over 15 years and have experience in a range of schools and year groups. It is my third year here at Worth Valley Primary School where I teach Reception and lead Early Years. As a mother of primary school children, a resident of the local area and as the teaching representative for our school, I am keen to be involved in driving the school forwards, and be part of the decision making that dictates our future and that of the children at the heart of our school.

Sara Dalton (Co-opted governor)
(Area of responsibility: Maths)

I joined Worth Valley Primary as a co-opted Governor in July 2017. I grew up in Bradford and attended maintained schools in East Morton and Bingley, until 2010 when I began my studies in Natural Sciences at St Catharines College, University of Cambridge. After completing my degree in 2013 I joined HMRC and trained as a Corporation Tax Specialist, successfully completing this in June 2017.

I enjoy sports including cycling, rowing and rugby. I’m currently undergoing various Governor Schools Training Courses with Bradford Council. I’m really pleased to be a member of the governing body at Worth Valley and look forward to working with pupils, staff and parents.

Chris Batt (Newly appointed Parent Governor)
(Area of responsibility: TBC)

Rebecca Regan (Newly appointed Parent Governor)
(Area of responsibility: TBC)


Governors Meeting Attendance – 2019-20


At Worth Valley Primary School, safeguarding is of paramount importance. We are committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all our children and staff in school.

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