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Welcome to Worth Valley Primary School
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“This is a warm, friendly and welcoming school. The pupils are rightly proud of it. The staff are proud to work at it. The headteacher is proud to lead it.” (Ofsted October 2019)

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Summer Reading Challenge


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Reading Championship

Reading Championship awards so far this year:

Reading Ambassador-

Reading Championship Guide

Key Stage 1 & Reception

20 books- Bronze badge
40 books- Silver badge
60 books- Gold badge
80 books- Reading Ambassador Shield
100 books- Trophy
120 books- Book of choice
140 books- Visit to local book store

Key Stage 2

15 books- Bronze badge
30 books- Silver badge
45 books- Gold badge
60 books- Reading Ambassador Shield
75 books- Trophy
90 books- Book of choice
105 books- Visit to local book store

I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I hope you have a few moments to spend exploring the site and find useful and interesting information about the school.

Ensuring our children have access to a high-quality and engaging education is our core purpose in order to develop them as lifelong learners.  Central to this are our 5 core values, which underpin everything we do:

  • One team – We listen to each other and value each other’s opinions and we do as we are asked first time.
  • Respect – We care for each other and look after property.
  • Trust – We always tell the truth.
  • Community – We treat others as we would wish them to treat us.
  • High expectations – We do our best and keep ourselves safe.

Worth Valley Primary School is a reading school. We aim to teach the skills of reading alongside developing a love of language and stories.

“Live an interesting life. Meet people. Read a lot and widely, learn from the great writers.”

Michael Morpurgo

My favourite children’s author is Michael Morpurgo; has been for many years.  I’d choose to read a Michael Morpurgo story over a “grown-up’s” book any day, even though I’m an adult!

Michael Morpurgo’s books tell timeless stories that children can relate to: stories of people coming together, of relationships, of natural disasters, of historical events.  Often the story is told in first person or through a child’s eyes.  More often than not, an animal plays an important role in the story.

If you haven’t read a Michael Morpurgo book, try one; they’re magical.  And if you have… read another.

We are proud to be part of Leading Learners Academy Trust – working in partnership with fantastic children, committed staff and supportive parents to ensure every pupil achieves their best.


Miss Ceinwen Lodge





Friends of Worth Valley

All parents/carers are welcome to join the Friends of Worth Valley group. Over the upcoming weeks there are various exciting events planned. If you feel that you could give up a bit of your time to support these events, it would be greatly appreciated by the children. If you would like to contact school to find out more about the Friends of Worth Valley group, please email office@worthvalleyprimary.co.uk or feel free to chat to one of the current members above.

Attendance so far this year:


At Worth Valley Primary School, safeguarding is of paramount importance. We are committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all our children and staff in school.

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